Refurbishing Our Home in 2019

We’ve lived in our home for nearly 3 years. During this time we have spent time making the house styled to our tastes and repairing bits and bobs. It’s hard to refurbish a home when you have 4 kids and our lives are so busy. I am hoping though that 2019 is the year where we replace the things we did at the time, to just ‘make do’ and finally concentrate on making the house perfect for our styles and tastes.

We have also decided to do as much as we can ourselves, learning some new skills along the way. The bits that we can’t do ourselves, because we just don’t have the skills, time or confidence, we shall use local tradesmen. I’m also hoping that we keep true to our mission of reducing waste and plastic within our home. Here are what we hope we achieve this year and how.

Replace the woodwork around our home

This is one of those jobs that needs doing desperately and we’ve just never quite found enough time to get it all done in one go (I hate ‘drip-feeding’ jobs). The woodwork around the house is mostly all original and has been painted so many times, it’s amazing that the doors still close! I’m also pretty sure that some of the oldest paint really is rather hazardous.

Our stairs handrail desperately needs replacing. We have a typically cheap handrail at the moment. One of the brackets has snapped inside of the wood and the paint is chipping. It’s actually rather embarrassing when I open the front door to strangers. I’ve been looking at stainless steel staircase handrails, which look stylish and long lasting. With 4 kids (and lots of small visitors) the handrail takes a battering, something metallic would be a worthwhile investment. It also means, no paint to chip!

I’m also hoping for all of our wooden doorframes and skirting boards to be replaced. They’re all old and battered and when replaced will give an instant facelift to the whole house!

Convert the loft

AKA Junk Room! To be fair our loft doesn’t have loads up there, it’s just not very organised and our things are piled up on just a few loft boards. This year I would like to fit proper loft boards across the whole loft, carpet it and make our loft a nice useable space. Our loft is huge, so ideally half could be used for storage, and the other half I would like to convert into a small office for myself.

At the moment, our loft has to be accessed with a set of step ladders which seem to permanently live on our landing. I would love to have some beautiful winder stairs installed, to make easy instant loft access. There are some great stairs available. I really like the space saver stairs. We have a large landing, but I wouldn’t want it to feel small once the stairs had been installed.

Book and TV storage

Either side of our fireplace feels really unorganised, and I’m unsure why. One side of our fireplace is our TV and some of our book collection. The other side of the fireplace is our extensive board game collection and our piano. For a while we have wanted some cupboards built into these spaces. We only have a small TV, which we would like to be able to shut away when not in use. I think it would make the room look a lot neater and less cluttered. It would also give us some better storage space for my crochet materials, rather than having them piled under a folding table next to the TV, where they are now.

Electricity put into the shed

This has been on our to-do list since the day we moved into our home. We have a massive shed (it easily fits 2 small cars) but annoyingly it has no electricity. As soon as we can, this will change! At the moment we keep our huge chest freezer in our kitchen, which isn’t ideal.

Once electric has been installed into the shed, I will move the chest freezer out there, move my vintage kitchenette into that space and we shall be able to move the dining table back, making more room in the kitchen! Luckily our kitchen is massive, so it doesn’t feel crowded at the moment but the chest freezer is rather ugly.

… Or just move house. I spotted my dream home online this week. It’s just across the road from ours. And there’s room for a couple of goats. There’s just one problem.

We’re around £500,000 short 😉


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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