How To Have More Luxury At Home For Less

Your home is what you make it into. It doesn’t really matter if you spend a lot of money on making it picture-perfect either; without the right amount of love and attention, it simply won’t feel like you’re at home rather than in a show catalogue. Luckily, this means that you will be able to create a sense of luxury and elegance in your home without having to empty your bank account either – and it definitely makes it a lot easier to be happy about your home.

The beginning of a new year means that spring is right around the corner, making it a bit more tempting to spruce your home up and spend some time on getting the kind of look that’s right for you. Once summer arrives my home feels like a totally different place to the one that it was over winter. Winter is cosy, with an open fire and blankets on the sofa. Summer allows bright natural light fill each room and cut flowers from the garden in vases throughout our home.

If you’ve been looking for a few thrifty ways to create your perfect home without spending your holiday fund, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a handful of brilliant and thrifty ways to feel perfectly pampered while basking in all the shiny reflections of your new and beautiful home.

Upgrade your light fixtures

If you were to click your way to one of those interior design websites, you might notice that most of the rooms have something in common. The lights in each room don’t just provide an adequate shine so that everyone can see what’s going on – but it’s also perfectly soft and covered up by a fancy light fixture. Keep in mind, however, that it doesn’t have to be an expensive-looking chandelier in order to look luxurious, though, as anything that’s slight eye-catching and interesting will boost the appearance of your home immediately. Think industrial-looking brass light fixtures or chandelier look-alikes that don’t include all of that glam you normally see when going for something made out of glass.

You can have a look at this article, to read up on the light fixture trends of 2019. Industrial and low-hanging lamps are the keywords here, but remember to go for something that works with the style of the rest of your home before you settle for something trendy. Our home is crammed with original vintage items from the 1920’s-80’s. We chose classic tin lampshades for our kitchen. The fit with the rest of or décor, look stylish and are super easy to clean too.

Another point to remember is that you should go through each room and make sure that you have the kind of light that benefits them. The bedroom, for example, should have a softer light than the kitchen as you will usually use the latter when you’d like to be awake and energized. The bathroom is particularly important and the right light can lift this room a lot; one that you’re able to dim will cover all of you needs during both your evening bath and that quick morning shower. Our bathroom is in desperate need of a full renovation, and I am desperate to remove the tacky 90’s plastic frosted-glass-style light fitting that looms above us.

Simplify your home

While you don’t have to go through each item and determine whether or not it sparks joy ala Marie Kondo (Who I am massively in love with ATM!), the idea of tidying up your home can do a lot to ease a busy mind and make you love your home a bit more. Even if you think it’s fairly tidy, it may still benefit from a quick declutter now that the spring is right around the corner.

First of all, try to tidy away as much as possible. Get a hold of baskets and a bit more storage space so that you can tidy each knick-knack out of sight and out of mind, store away your remotes and random keys that are just hanging around, and make your home show-ready. I live by the rule that if it’s not something I use often, it can go. Excluding ornaments and hanging pictures as I cannot bare to have empty walls.

When everything is tidied away, you can attempt to tidy up the drawers and your wardrobes. Sure, these are the areas you won’t really see when you’re just hanging around in your living room and drinking coffee – but it’s still a part of your home and will definitely cause you a tiny bit of stress when you’re trying to find something specific in that drawer of chaos.

Decluttering is key!

A great tip is to subdivide your drawers, though, as this will make it a lot easier to keep things tidy in there even if you use them as a storage space for everything you can’t stand to have lying around in the house. Now you’ll have a system in the chaos and your home will feel so much more relaxing and maintained, in general.

The bottom line is that when you’re trying to make your home look a bit more expensive and luxurious, you should try to only have the stuff you truly love on display. Put the rest aside and let your key items truly shine without being surrounded by clutter.

Spruce up your furniture

Finally, we can get to the core of making the most out of your home on a tight budget. While fixing up the small details of your home and making it as tidy and minimalistic as possible will help you a lot along the way, it’s quite easy to tell if you’re sitting on cheap furniture. Sure, your surroundings may be beautiful and tidy enough – but it won’t really make you feel like a queen if your back is sore after sitting for a short half an hour on the budget, sagging couch.

The same goes for your bed as this is where you’re going to spend the better part of your life. A decent mattress won’t just give your bedroom a much softer and more harmonious look; it will make you feel like you’ve been resting on a cloud throughout the night and you’ll definitely notice it on your energy levels too.

A new mattress or a new couch is something you will have to spend a bit of money on and it’s also one of those things you will have to pay up for in order to enjoy some proper quality. That ‘you’ll get what you pay for is’ unfortunately very true when it comes to furniture, so make the investment sooner rather than later so that you can enjoy the feeling of quality once and for all.

If this sounds like an impossible dream at the moment, and perhaps especially now at the beginning of the year, you might want to consider other options. There are, after all, ways to improve the furniture you already have as long as you’re willing to put in a tiny bit of work.

You can get a hold of foam cut to size as well as upholstery foam from efoam, to truly follow the style of thrifty luxury. It will give you the kind of quality you’ve been looking for and can even make your couch look a lot better – and without having to pay up for something ridiculously expensive. Replacing the old saggy cusions is ideal if you actually love your sofa, and how it suits your family’s life. Why get rid of something if you love it? By giving your sofa a little TLC can have it looking (and feeling) like new once again.  Keep this in mind for your dining chairs as well, as there’s really no point in buying something brand new and throwing both quality furniture and money out the window when it can be fixed in a matter of hours.

Give those chairs a new cover and consider changing their colour if you’re looking for something new – it will make you feel like you treated yourself and your home but your wallet won’t hate you for it afterwards. Thanks to YouTube, you can now have a go at learning any new skill, within the comfort of your own home. Try your hand at upholstery, and give your items a new lease of life, for less.

Give your windows a makeover

Now that you’ve taken care of the furniture in your home, it’s time to have a look at your windows. If you’ve ever attempted to sell your home, you probably know that a set of elegant windows tend to catch potential home-buyers’ eyes; it’s just something about high-quality glass and surroundings that makes the room look a lot more expensive.

The problem with this, is that high-quality windows are rather expensive. Luckily, you can get around this as long as you’ve given them some beautiful drapery and managed to install them so that your windows look a bit taller. You can check this article out in case you need a bit of help along the way.

The best would, of course, to invest in double-glazing, at least, since this will keep your home a lot warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer – but don’t empty your bank account on this if you’d just like to give your home a slight makeover. With the right drapery, you will at least be able to give your room a much more luxurious and put-together look. Thick heavy curtains that hang to the floor (but not blocking radiators) will works as excellent insulation. Keeping the cold out, and the heat from your central heating in. Unfortunately some people just cannot afford to have new windows fitted, so making sure all draughts are blocked off is important


The more time you spend on upgrading your home and getting everything just right, the more pampered you’ll feel when you’re spending time there and relaxing after a long day of work. A little fix here and there doesn’t have to cost too much either – and by keeping it neat and tidy you can focus on putting the items you really love on display instead.


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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