Are You A Worrier? Here Are Some Things To Think About.

Are you someone who always has something on their mind? Are you constantly having to fend off bad thoughts about something or other, simply because you can’t shake the idea that something is wrong? Indeed, are you a big worrier, and struggle to be in the moment with yourself? 

Don’t worry, it’s a common problem to have to live with, and you can learn to beat these worry struggles when you’ve got the right tools and resources on hand. Being a worrier is something we all are at times, but when it seems to be chronic, and you feel like you can barely ever relax, it’s time to do something about the stress on your shoulders. 

Worry is a natural part of life, and we evolved to worry about things in order to stay away from dangers and better protect ourselves and those we love. Accepting this is one thing, and then letting it go is another entirely. And hopefully, with the points below, this post will help you to calm and compose yourself, and feel more free in your life! 

Worry can take many forms, and do a lot of harm to our brains and bodies – make sure you’re working on ways to beat it out of your life! (Pexels Image – CC0 Licence)

Give Yourself a Moment To Worry

Now, while this may sound counterproductive to the task at hand, it’s actually a very important part of the process. If you schedule a few moments when you actually have the time and energy to worry, you’ll be much more likely to be able to get on with your day, uninterrupted by your usual stream of negative thoughts. 

Because when you have 20 minutes or half an hour to actually think through your problems, as well as feel your feelings and let them out (because bottling never did anyone any good!), you’ll feel much more in control. You’ll have a designated ‘worry period’, and you’ll be able to counter any worrying thoughts that come to you outside of this period, simply by allowing yourself to focus on something else during that time. 

Simply put, why worry when the clock’s at the wrong angle?! All in all, this is a very simple way to train your brain into redirecting your energies, and that’s key when you’re a big worrier who can never seem to shake your negative thoughts out. And when you have a period to focus on that worry and that worry alone, you might actually come up with a few new solutions for dealing with it! 

Cut Out Worry Triggers

Worry ‘triggers’ are things that make you worry, or redirect your mind into your worries, when you’re just going about your day and trying to enjoy your life. And if you’re someone who’s constantly being triggered into thinking about mistakes you’ve made in the past, or potential problems you’ll have to face in the future, it’s time to issue a blanket ‘trigger warning’ protocol on your life! 

After all, it’s easy to identify what’s making your worries tick – usually, it’s a form of social media. Indeed, ‘doom-scrolling’ became very popular in the last year, and if you’re someone who can’t seem to stop searching out or coming across bad news, it’s time to unplug from the internet and take some time for yourself. You need to be able to step back, and even delete your social media accounts to stop you going back, for the sake of both your mental and physical health. 

Make sure there’s nothing to look up, and no sudden news bulletins to come across, and just get through the day thinking about yourself and those you love. 

There’s No Harm in Getting Checked Out

Of course, visiting a doctor, of any kind, might be another big worry for you. After all, making an appointment and listing out all your symptoms is just another good way to remind yourself of everything you’re worried about in the first place! And yet, going through this really does prove that you’re brave, and can’t be beaten, and it’s one of the only ways you’re actually going to access the help and advice you need. 

You don’t even have to step outside your comfort zone to get checked out. You can use plenty of online services for all kinds of health and general life worries, such as this website, if you’re someone who hasn’t been to an optician in a while. Talking it through, and making sure there’s someone with a proper qualification on the other side of the screen, is one of the best ways to be productive about your worries right now. 

Have a Physical Outlet

Physical outlets can work wonders, even if you’re someone who doesn’t really like to make a fuss or go out of your way to seek out a bit of help for the things you can’t stop thinking about. And this is because physical outlets can be very personal; a physical outlet can be a whole variety of different things – just as long as you’re actually doing something, and using your hands to help you shake off all that nervous energy! 

So, whether you’re someone who likes to use a punching bag, or you’re someone who’s a bit creative and likes writing things down or drawing things out, you’ve got the chance to really work out your thoughts and feelings in an actionable way. Keep a worry journal, and make sure everything that’s in your head is down on the page, or take the energy you’d usually put into worrying into a bit of healthy exercise, and get that amazing rush of endorphins when you’re done. 

Get Involved with Something New

And finally, if you’re someone who seems to have an unlimited amount of energy for the worry you can put yourself through, why not turn this kind of energy to something a little more productive? Picking up a new skill, or taking on a new hobby, or even just catching up with friends and family you haven’t really interacted with lately, is a much better way to spend your time. 

It’ll help you to focus on something new, and something healthier for you, and who knows what you’ll learn along the way. If nothing else, choosing to start learning French, or how to play the piano, or even just how to put together a simple woodwork project will be a lot more fun than sitting there and worrying over nothing! 

You deserve to have a good time right now, and find some satisfaction in your life and the way it currently feels, rather than allowing yourself to be consumed by thoughts of either the past or the future. Keep yourself busy, give yourself something to sink your teeth into, and make sure you’re actually enjoying yourself. 

So, is Worry a Big Worry For You? 

Sure, worrying is a part of life, and sometimes you can’t do much about it. However, when it’s becoming a problem, and it’s really weighing you down and stopping you from enjoying your life, you deserve to have a potential solution at hand. 

Of course, if you think all this worrying might actually be a sign of something serious, be sure to talk to an actual doctor, or get some advice from those closest to you about the matter. But above all else, make sure the worry you live with isn’t going to hold you back any longer – take some control, and be all the better for it!

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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